Securitize Platform
Set-up Guide

The following guide shows you a step-by-step process to be able to prepare your web page to offer investors the chance to join exciting opportunities.

1. Securitize Platform Instance

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To gather investor information, your website must communicate with the Securitize platform. Your instance of the platform will be identified by a unique URL, which the Securitize team will provide to you.

You can ask for a test one at

2. Landing page

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The landing page will be an investor entry point to your token offering, which you can design and maintain to ensure you provide the right branding and information.

2.a. Securitize offers two options for hosting the landing page area

Self hosting

Self hosting

You will host your landing page as part of your site, so you can benefit from direct control of your investor experience and manage content via your CMS of choice. With this method you retain full control of the landing page, and will be able to change it as frequently as needed, however you are also responsible for the security of this landing page.

Hosting at Securitize

Hosting at Securitize

Alternatively, Securitize can host the landing page as part of the platform. In this case you should provide the static HTML or single-page-application file for the landing page area along with all its assets. Securitize will perform the required integration and host it as part of the assigned Securitize Platform Instance. This requires minimal development, and is also potentially more secure. However, you will not be able to make changes to the landing page without sending a new version to Securitize.

2.b. Javascript library integration

To integrate your landing page with your Securitize Platform Instance, you just need to include a javascript library in your code, accessible through a specialized URL in your Securitize Platform Instance:


Your CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_KEY will be provided by the Securitize team. You can ask for a test one at

Once integrated, the javascript library scans the HTML of the page for elements incorporating specific Securitize data tags, and applies functionalities to these items.

Additional elements must be added to the landing page so that the Security Token Offering actions and elements are presented (or hidden, depending on the situation) to potential investors.

In particular, buttons and links allowing investor registration (for instance, with the call-to-action “Invest Now” / "Apply for Pre-Sale") and log-in into the platform should be included in the page.

For instance, the Voloro page (accessible at shows an example issuer that has integrated the Securitize Platform into their landing page, and has enabled the “APPLY FOR PRE-SALE” and “Login” elements to launch the corresponding actions:

The following sections describe the specific values available for the developers of the web page.

2.b.a. Action Attributes
data-securitize-action Designates an element as participating in the Securitize login process. Should be applied to a button or a link on the page.
Accepted values:
“main” The button opens the Securitize registration user interface component
“dashboard” The button goes to the Securitize dashboard. (only for logged-in users)
"login" The button opens the Securitize login user interface component
"logout" The button logs the user out of Securitize

2.b.b. Visibility control data attributes
data-securitize-state Can be applied to any element, usually used on a <div>
Accepted values:
"logged-out" The element will be displayed only if the user is logged out of the system. (default state)
“logged-in” The element will be displayed only if the user is logged in the system
data-securitize-restriction-state Can be applied to any element, usually used on a <div>
Accepted values:
"unrestricted" The element will be displayed only for countries in which it is permissible to display unrestricted marketing data for unregistered users (US, UK, several more)
“restricted” The element will be displayed only for countries in which it is not permissible to display unrestricted marketing data

EXAMPLE: This snippet will display a “login” button for logged-out users, and a “dashboard” button for users who are logged in.

<a data-securitize-state="logged-out" data-securitize-action="login">Login</a>
<a style=”display:none” data-securitize-state="logged-in" data-securitize-action="dashboard">Dashboard</a>
Example: Login

2.b.c. Text Control data attributes

Using these will change the text/value of the element based on user state ("logged-in" / "logged-out"). The value can be any string.

data-securitize-logged-out-text Text to display when the user is logged out (default)
data-securitize-logged-in-text Text to display when the user is logged in

Using these will define which supported action is executed when the element on which they are defined is clicked based on user state. The values are the same as those of the data-securitize-action attribute.

data-securitize-logged-in-action Action to run when the user is logged in
data-securitize-logged-out-action Action to run when the user is logged out

EXAMPLE: This snippet will display a link with the text “login”, that opens the login interface, when the user is logged out, and the text “logout”, which logs out, when the user is logged in.

<a data-securitize-action="login" data-securitize-logged-in-action="logout" data-securitize-logged-in-text="Logout" data-securitize-logged-out-action="login" data-securitize-logged-out-text="Login">Login</a>
Example: Login

EXAMPLE: This snippet will display a link with the text “Register for Token Sale”, that opens the registration interface, when the user is logged out, and the text “Invest Now”, which directly links to the user’s dashboard, when the user is logged in.

<a data-securitize-action="main" data-securitize-logged-in-action="dashboard" data-securitize-logged-in-text="Invest Now" data-securitize-logged-out-action="main" data-securitize-logged-out-text="Register for Token Sale">Register Early for Pre-sale</a>
The javascript library exposes the following functions:
securitizeDocumentReady() Re-attaches the Securitize logic to required elements. Should only be used if elements are added dynamically from the client side (such as in the case of single-page-applications)

3. Customization

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The Securitize Platform provides a dashboard for investors that can be customized to align with the aesthetic for your Token Offering.

Platform Preview
Platform Preview

Customizations can be done by providing the following information:

Color Scheme
  • Primary color
  • Secondary color
  • Action color
  • As HEX values, e.g. #575859
  • Recommended format: transparent PNG
  • Recommended size: 260px * 260px
  • Recommended ratio: 2:1, 3:1 or 4:1.
  • Recommended format: transparent PNG
  • Minimum height: 250px
  • Recommended format: transparent PNG
  • Recommended size: 300px * 300px

3.a. Platform text customization

The dashboard includes informational text for investors, so that they can get more information and context around the offering and the process.

All these texts can be customized to adapt the language and information to your specific Token offering, although Securitize will provide informational placeholders that can be used too:

Middle area text Text for the middle area of the dashboard. The text can be anything, but it is recommended that it will explain the token sale process in broad terms, as if for a first time user. It is possible and recommended to embed an instructional video in this area. Example
First wizard page text Text for the introduction page of the wizard, explaining the various parts of the investment process Example

3.b. Email texts

As part of the onboarding process, several emails are sent to prospective investors. You can customize the context of these emails too, although the standard available texts can be used by default.

Type: Default:
Registration email

Sent after the user issued their registration request

Subject: Your interest in <opportunity name>

Thank you for your interest in <opportunity name>.

Your request for more information has been approved.

Please press the button below to validate your email address and continue.

Pressing the button will also confirm your subscription to our list.

You may also contact us at:

Welcome email

Sent after the user confirmed their registration request.

Subject: Welcome to <opportunity name> - some important details about your dashboard


Your email address has been verified, and you now have a secure personal investor dashboard on

After investing, this dashboard will contain information about your account and all future information relating to <opportunity name>.

This secure dashboard is the only place where we will ever show you sensitive information such as wallets and bank accounts, and only you can see it.

If you have any issues, please contact us at:

You can also get closer to the <opportunity name> community in our Telegram group.

Thanks again for signing up, we're looking forward to having you as an investor in the fund.

The <opportunity name> team

Investment request received

Sent after the user completed an investment request

Subject: Thank you for your <opportunity name> Investment Application

Thank you for your <opportunity name> investment application!

Your personal investor code is: 342378

Your investment application has been received.

In the meantime, if you haven't yet, please review and sign your subscription agreement here.

You can always check your status on your investment dashboard. For any other questions, please contact us at:


The <opportunity name> team

Wallet created email

Sent after the user’s investment request was approved, and a wallet was allocated for him or her. This email should include a link to the user’s dashboard, where detailed instructions will appear for him to send funds. For security purposes it cannot include the actual instructions.

Subject: Your Investment Request

Congratulations, your investment application has been approved!

Your personal investor code is: 342378

Please send 512 ETH to the Ethereum Address ending with:


which now appears on your dashboard on

In case you send a different amount of ETH, the amount of <opportunity name> Tokens allocated will change accordingly.

For any other questions please contact us at:

The <opportunity name> team

4. Documents

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You should supply the following documents, to be integrated into the documents section of the investor dashboard.

This document should be hosted on a web accessible URL. Securitize recommends using as it is integrated into the system and will allow you to track document access by user name.

Common documents include:

  • White paper
  • Offering memorandum (optional)
  • Executive summary (optional)
  • Any other documents relevant to the offering

You can reach Securitize at to get examples and more details on the content expected in these documents.

5. Agreements

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You may also supply texts for the various legal agreements presented to investors at different stages of the investment process. Agreements can have different content based on the investor’s jurisdiction. Securitize provides some examples for standard agreements.

Additionally, a subscription agreement template must be provided. This contract formalizes the agreement by the investor to pay a given price for a certain number of tokens and the promise to sell that number of tokens to the investor at that price.

The Securitize platform will generate the customized version of the agreement (i.e. including the specific terms appropriate for a given investor) based on a template provided by you. This document will be presented to the investor during the investment process, so that they can sign it digitally.

You must provide Securitize with a Subscription Agreement template that follows certain requirements in order for the process of the digital signature to be implemented. You can reach Securitize at to get examples and more details about the content expected in this template.

Subscription agreement A PDF of the user’s final subscription agreement to the investment

6. DNS

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To keep the investor experience within your domain, it is recommended that you are able to create a name entry in your DNS for the investor dashboard.

You will need to:
  • Point your DNS servers to an address supplied by Securitize.

You may purchase an extended validation (EV) SSL certificate, in order to provide better security for the site. If such a certificate is not provided, Securitize will use a standard SSL certificate.

7. Others

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  • Blocked countries list - you must provide a list of countries not allowed for the sale (if not supplied - all countries besides China, in which ICOs are not allowed, will be allowed).
  • Details of your security token should be provided: Name, Symbol (recommended - 3-5 letters) and icon.
  • Two email addresses - one for sending emails from (such as, and one for support (such as